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Our Story :

Bring a voice to the silent

We’re doing our part to bring voices to the silent.  The shy, bright minds of the tiny children of these Schools are hungry for food and thirsty for knowledge.  Some would never have gone to school, living their entire lives never having learned to read or write.  We’re setting up lights in these foothills, planting seeds for a brighter future, building bridges to lessen the burdens of this community.  We will continue to ignite the flame in all who seek our services.  With your support, this will culminate in a torch for the community. We currently have 2 Schools one on each sides of the stream to serve small children, so they do not have to take the risk of their lives crossing a dangerous and unpredictable stream on their own.

Orange and green dots on the map represent the locations of our schools. The schools are located in the remote villages of southern Dhading, Siudibar and Aanptaar, in the central region of the country. To get to the schools you drive west from Kathmandu for three hours along the Prithvi Highway. From there it takes an hour of drive along a graveled road followed by a 30 minute walk uphill. 
This is our first school in Siudibar, established in the year 2010. The picture above is from before the earthquake of 25th April, 2015 and currently is in the process of being rebuilt.
This is our second school in Aanptar, established in 2012.

Goat2School is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.

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